Offering obstetric care and gynecologic care for women of all ages with the goal of helping you achieve and maintain your optimal health.

My Philosophy

I am trained and Board certified as an obstetrician and gynecologist, yet  I embrace the philosophy of caring for the whole person, acknowledging and honoring the importance of body, mind and spirit.  My role is to provide care, instruction and guidance to help each patient achieve and maintain optimal health.  Appreciation of every patient as a unique individual  is key for supporting success in each patient's endeavor. 

Patient Services

Annual well woman gynecologic exams and Pap smears
Evaluation and treatment of abnormal Pap Smears
Birth Control counseling and treatment
Pregnancy Planning and preconception testing
Pregnancy Care and Delivery
Gynecologic Surgery
STD counseling, testing and treatment
HPV vaccination (Gardasil)
Vaginal infection evaluation and treatment

Menopause and perimenopause counseling and treatment
Hormone replacement therapy- "traditional" and "bio-identical"
Urinary incontinence- evaluation and treatment
Interstitial Cystitis-diagnosis and management
Vulvodynia diagnosis and management
Well woman screening: blood pressure, cholesterol, thyroid disorders, breast exam
Referrals for bone density screening, colonoscopy
Referrals to alternative and complementary medicine practitioners